Did Tesla get inspiration for their font from the “Huttese” Language from Star Wars?

It’s a well-known fact that Tesla’s designs for their cars are extremely eye-catching with their sleek, futuristic designs that captivate the audience of all age groups (not a common theme of most cars).

Tesla’s confirmed new 2021 Roadster

From their unique logo…

To their unique font that continues their futuristic theme…

A sample of the Tesla font

I recently came across a Tesla owner, Tyler (last name removed for anonymity) from the Silicon Valley and owns 2 of Musk’s famous cars, more specifically two 2017 Model S.

There’s something really unique about all of the products that Tesla pushes out. Every one of the products is a punch to the face to those that said that electric cars would not be sustainable or stylish… Tesla has continued to show that they can do both